Dr Douglas Nunn

Senior Lecturer, Audio and Music Technology

The appeal of vector graphics may derive from the seemingly infinite resolution, the line-based aesthetic, and the intrinsic impermanence of the display. Other motivations lie in repurposing obsolescent hardware, reimplementing historical devices, or simply diverging from mainstream raster-based approaches to video. Vector displays became obsolescent at a time that computers could not fully exploit them, and this limitation no longer applies.

Audio tools are ideal for vector synthesis as both need complex timed control of multiple parameters. The wide range of creation and performance methodologies allows varying degrees of audio/video correlation, with audio tools allowing simultaneous synthesis in both visual and auditory domains.

This talk discusses methodologies for vector graphics and presents results from using Pure Data, ChucK, and a modified Vectrex games console.


Doug will present his work online via Microsoft Teams, so please indicate your interest to participate with an email to and I will invite you to the Teams meeting.

Calendar (black)

6 May 2020, 12:30 pm

Ticket (black)

Free – No booking required

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HEL 308
Anglia Ruskin University