On Monday 8th June, we welcome Dr Jonathan Pool, ARU, with his lecture ‘Music for the Assessment and Treatment of Children with Disorders of Consciousness’

Disorders of consciousness (DOC) are characterised by difficulties with wakefulness and awareness. (Royal College of Physicians, 2013). Children and young people with DOC need care that can meet their highly complex needs. This care includes careful stimulation to elicit purposeful responses in assessment and managing an individual’s environment optimally to meet their sensory needs. Accuracy in determining awareness is paramount due to several factors. First, it guides the provision of sensory stimulation and the intensity of the intervention (Ashwal, 2013). Second, it influences admission to rehabilitation programmes (Eilander et al., 2005), and the intensity and type of intervention offered. Third, it informs ethical decisions regarding nutrition and hydration (Ashwal and Cranford, 2002). One of the key factors in assessing consciousness and providing sensory stimulation is using stimuli that increase wakefulness and can be manipulated to suit the individual. This presentation will look at why music is ideally suited for working with children and young people affected by DOC.

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8 Jun 2020, 5:30 pm

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Free – Join on ZOOM