Luke Burton (visiting artist)

Our 2020 /21 FARU talks programme kicks off with the artist Luke Burton. Luke has an ongoing interest in how symbolism operates across decorative visual culture, and how the psychological concept of ambivalence plays out across aesthetic and political spheres. He questions the relationship between craft, ornament and fine art in relation to taste, objecthood and materiality within painting, probing how historical visual tropes persist over vast periods of time and suggesting an established symbolic order whilst remaining almost-empty signifiers.

He is currently Artist-in-Residence as a Visiting Fellow at Girton College, Cambridge where he will have a solo exhibition in 2021.

Luke Burton (b. 1983, London) studied at Chelsea College of Art and Design, BA, London (2002 – 2005) and MA at the Royal College of Art, London (2011-2013). Recent exhibitions include: Impossible Weather, Bosse and Baum, London (2020); Podium Sales, Picnic Gallery, London (2019); CAMEO, A-dash, Athens (2019); Out of Office, PADA, Lisbon (2019); Outlines Roughly the Size of a Suit, with Victor Seaward, Union Gallery, London (2019); P is for Portrait, Pitt Studio, Worcester Art Centre (2019); Paper Cuts, curated by Kristian Day, Saatchi Gallery, London (2018); The Lotus Eaters, Aindrea Contemporary, London (2018); Becoming Sweet New Styles Bosse & Baum, London (2018); Sweep / Landskip, Kinokino Kunstal, Stavanger, Norway (2018); Granpalazzo, Ariccia, Rome (2017); Print Department, Division of Labour, London (2017); Waves, Turf Projects, London (2017); He is showing new work with Gallery Woong at KIAF Art Seoul in September 2020.