The FARU talk in week 12 focuses on artist’s careers, through looking at examples of how artists work within specific areas of the art world, such as dealing with commercial galleries.

It will be hosted by Veronique Chance and Benet Spencer, and will feature films produced by AA2A artists, which address key aspects of how artist build their careers, based on projects / funding (from Lizzy Jordan, a light-installation artist) and galleries and agents (from Dean Melbourne a painter / printmaker). As well as viewing the content shared, a discussion will be developed around careers, and different aspects of the art world as presented within these films of AA2A artists.

The AA2A programme was established as a project to provide placements for visual artists and designer-makers in universities and art schools across England. In 2019 2020 AA2A schemes ran in 12 institutions, providing around 50 placements nationally. Over 20 years, around 1,940 artists and designers have completed projects. Anglia Ruskin University has been part of the AA2A scheme since 2012. AA2A website:

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9 Dec 2020, 2:00 pm