The Crossing is a beautiful and heart-breaking film, sensitively telling a young woman’s story of being groomed into trafficking. It should be shown in schools and community centres. Everywhere. Everyone should see the inhumanity of this dark underworld. Knowledge is the beginning of change.

Baroness Helena KennedyQC  


Films can bear witness to human rights violations and create a powerful forum for individuals on both sides of the lens to engage with knowledge that can have a positive impact on society. On 18th October 2020 Anti-Slavery Day, StoryLab and hubub will screen The Crossing an immersive film that explores the story of a young girl sex trafficked through the ‘Loverboy’ method. hubub will provide a dynamic online space to host a screening of The Crossing, the award-winning film that has been screened in over 20 countries, at Glastonbury, used for teaching, raising awareness with young people on trafficking techniques, and multiple stakeholders on how it might feel to be trafficked. This screening aims to produce concrete outcomes on how modern slavery films can be effectively disseminated for powerful and impactful audience engagement. With the increase in trafficking both globally and domestically, this screening asks how can we harness the power of determined, collaborative best practice and collective thinking to end modern slavery.

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18 Oct 2020, 7:00 pm