Successful enterprises in the 21st century have design and creativity at the core of their existence. Moreover, those enterprises communicate certain passion that attracts both consumers and audiences. But how to hone our own creative skills and communicate our own ideals? How to transform one idea into a feasible project or an actual enterprise, while keeping our passion during the process? In this session, Dr. Beatriz Acevedo (aka CreatiBe Oracle) will share some practical tips for rekindling your creative spark. Based on her experience using and teaching Design Thinking, this workshop includes easy to apply exercises on imagination, creative collaboration, systems thinking, visual metaphors. It aims at bridging the vision and passion of your Big Pitch idea with the practical aspects of prototyping and developing lateral thinking. Due to the nature of the workshop, places are limited, so register asap!

This event is FREE and refreshments will be provided.

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11 Feb 2020, 3:00 pm

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HEL 208
Anglia Ruskin University