Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) and Cambridge Arts Network (CAN) are pleased to offer a series of training and development sessions to support the arts, cultural and creative sectors.

Drawing on their research expertise and industry experience in creative technologies, cyber security and the experience of running enterprises in the creative technology sector experts from ARU will deliver a series of training and development sessions. These will offer practical advice and support designed to support arts and cultural organisations and practitioners to build awareness of the digital media being used to reach audiences as they seek to safely navigate a Post-COVID world.

The first 2 topics are delivered in 3 sessions (1 hour per session). Pick as many as you’d like to attend.

N.B. This system only allows you to book one session at a time. For multiple sessions you will need to repeat the bookings process. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Workshop 1

Protecting Your Creative Offering Through Digital Security

Dr Erika Sanchez-Velazquez, Principal Lecturer in Cyber Security and Networking

Arts and cultural practitioners delivering activity online (i.e. online workshops, selling work, events) learn about the latest cyber security attacks and their consequences. Once an understanding of the need for security has been gained, participants will learn about the concept of cyber security and the different elements that need to be in place to achieve it. Finally, general guidelines and advice will be provided so participants learn how to protect their work against current and future cyber-attacks.

These workshop is designed for arts and cultural practitioners without prior technical knowledge and will be explained in a relatable way.

Session A: Current state of cyber-attacks

Mon 30 Nov, 9am – 10am, Online

In this session, participants will understand the current state of digital security, learning about the latest security attacks and their consequences. We will look at latest UK statistics as well as understand the motives of the attackers.

Session B: Introduction to Cyber Security

Wed 2 Dec, 9am – 10am, Online

In this session, participants will identify online risky behaviour that might be putting them at risk and how to protect against it. They will also understand the concept of security and what exactly is needed to guarantee that a system is secure.

Session C: Resources for a secure environment

Fri 4 Dec, 9am – 10am, Online

We will look into the different resources available for guidance on the topic of cyber security and provide a set of minimum recommendations that participants can follow to guarantee a secure environment. A review of Cyber Essentials will also be included.

Workshop 2

Introduction to Virtual Technologies for Arts and Cultural Delivery

Kirk Woolford, Principal Researcher Fellow, Creative Technologies

Through these sessions, participants will receive an overview of digital tools that can enable the sharing of arts and cultural experiences. These tools can help make the technology an integral part of the offering. There is also an opportunity to explore storytelling for the digital medium, as well as guiding audiences through virtual and augmented reality.

Prior knowledge or experience of these technologies is not required. The workshops are intended to be an accessible introduction to some of the tools and the opportunities they might generate.

Session A: Performing through Streaming Media

Mon 7 Dec, 10am – 11am, Online

Streaming has become ubiquitous during the Covid-19 pandemic, but are you aware that video streaming has been used in performance for more than 50 years and the telephone was originally designed to transmit live opera performances? This workshop will give you an historical overview of performing at a distance, discuss best practices for working with remote audiences, and introduce the software, cameras, microphones, and techniques most frequently used in 2020.

Session B: Interactive Narrative – Kirk Woolford

Wed 9 Dec, 10am – 11am, Online

How do you tell an open-ended story, where the audience actively engages in direction of the narrative? How can you use websites and apps to bring your stories to new audiences? This workshop introduces participants to open and multi-linear screenwriting (i.e. stories with numerous threads). The workshop will also introduce participants to the Unity3D development environment and toolkits for rapidly creating 2D and 3D narratives. We will create an interactive story and share it on Android, iOS and a website.

Session C: Virtual and Augmented Realities – Kirk Woolford

Fri 11 Dec, 10am – 11am

During times when it is too dangerous to bring an audience together in a single space, how can we use creative technologies to either bring audiences together into a virtual space, or to leave a virtual performance or object in a space for audiences to come and go over time? This workshop will introduce participants to new forms of virtual and augmented performance. We will explore Unity3D’s XR toolkit and discuss challenges of working with headsets and mobile phones.

About the Tutors

Dr. Erika Sanchez-Velazquez has been an active academic and researcher for more than ten years, focusing primarily on computer networks and security. Her research career started with the creation of intrusion detection systems by analysing source code, then shifted into the definition of secure protocols for mobile and wireless communication, as well as intrusion detection techniques for mobile and wireless networks based in the Mobile-IP protocol.

Erika’s current areas of interest are software defined networks, and the definition of new protocols within the paradigm of a single controller within the network, and the security of the Internet of Things. She is currently a member of ARU’s Virtualization, Simulation & Infrastructure Research Group.

Kirk Woolford is a pioneer in the field of Immersive Media, creating immersive experiences and performances as a method of exploring ideas, technologies, and cultures. Kirk has co-founded and directed video games and interactive media companies in New York, London, and Amsterdam, working with clients including the Royal Institution, BBC2, Channel Four, Sky Television, and the Economist Magazine. Most recently, Kirk has created games and interactive elements for the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, and toured interactive performances in Abu Dhabi and Portugal. For more information about Kirk, please see his portfolio at

Kirk recently joined Anglia Ruskin University as Principal Research Fellow in Creative Technologies, having previously set up the Digital Media Arts programme at the University of Surrey and Creative Media Practice at the University of Sussex.

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30 Nov 2020, 9:00 am

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