23rd September

12.30pm – 2pm


Physiological and Movement Synchrony in Social Interaction

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Tschacher (University Hospital of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

University of Bern, Switzerland)


Psychological research has recently explored social, including therapeutic, interaction as grounded in therapists’ and patients’ body motion, gesturing, prosody, and physiology. Thus, apart from the cognitive aspects of communicating and processing information, social interaction is also embodied, and may be studied via its bodily coupling at different levels. Recent studies conducted by our group have found evidence that people tend to spontaneously synchronize their nonverbal behavior during interaction. Mental and communicative processes generate shared movement patterns and physiological synchrony. I will present how synchrony can be quantified by windowed cross-correlations (SUSY – Surrogate Synchrony) and other methods. In a study of CBT patients, movement synchrony was found associated with patients’ attachment styles, self-efficacy and symptom reduction. A recent study supported that therapist’s and patient’s respiration and cardiac activity were significantly synchronized. Additionally, we developed an appraoch to explore the synchrony of eye movements in dyadic interaction. Applications to the synchrony of concert audiences will be introduced.

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23 Sep 2020, 12:30 pm

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